Pure Silk Completely Handwoven Moirang Phee Saree (Rani Phi - full handwoven pallu, temple bordered saree)
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Pure Silk Completely Handwoven Moirang Phee Saree (Rani Phi - full handwoven pallu, temple bordered saree)

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Style - 100% muga mulberry organic silk "Rani Phi" saree, handmade with perfect finesse, and deep coloured temple border. Traditional Manipur is abundant in a number of hand woven textiles. In Northeast India, each community has authentic and there specific designs and motifs. Manipur is at the zenith for perfection in handwoven textiles. Each of the motifs on the saree are handwoven by the native women of Manipur since time immemorial. 

Art - Rani Phi sarees for a Manipuri woman. 'Rani-Phi' is named after the pioneer of the sarees, Rani. Rani Phi motifs among other forms are very popular and are an integral component of any Manipuri woman’s wardrobe. Rani was inspired by natural designs like beautiful flowers, birds. Rani took to her first experiment of using motifs of swans, lotus and leaves on the fabric. She was scared of the outcome and toiled to get them woven with perfection. She also started using silk threads for weaving the fabric. It was largely accepted and became a huge hit.

Texture Material - Pure Mulberry Silk - The fibre used to make the yarn is got from the “Kabrang” (Mulberry cocoon). It is also extracted from the bark of the tree. The local fibre is spun into threads and then dyed using plants and bark. The dyed yarn is subject to sizing by applying starch made of rice, and then stretched across using a bamboo rod.

Disclaimer - Each piece is unconventional and a sheer fascination for every women. Every Saree will adorn a Pure Silk Mark Label, giving a guarantee of 100% pure silk. This saree is a pure silk product and labour of love of the sericulture farmer, silk reeler the artisans including the weaver. This work of art is precious care for it.

Washing Instructions - This saree should be dry cleaned only, and should be ironed with low to medium temperature. Get your hands on this one fast, once sold cannot be replaced. Due to various types of lighting and flash used while taking photographs and Dhoop-Chhaon color effect, the color shade of the product may vary slightly. Color may also vary slightly because of your monitor resolution. We deliver you the same product from which the photograph has been taken.

These pieces are priceless and classic for all generations to come.

Length - 6 meters (with blouse) Blouse Piece - 27 inches (same colour as the saree with the Temple Border)

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