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Essence of India Privacy Policy

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Table of Contents


1. Introduction. 1

2. Information Received by Us. 1

3. Sharing of Information by You. 1

4. Information Shared with Third Parties. 1

5. Use of Your Information. 2

6. Sharing of Your Information. 2

7. Mobile and Children Related. 2

8. Information Protection. 3

9. Consent 3


1. Introduction

Scope.  This privacy policy covers all of Essence of India.  By using or accessing Essence of India, you agree to our privacy practices outlined here.  We are committed to building a supportive business environment, needed to form relationships, manage interactions, get inspired, and have the conversations you need, using the communication mediums you prefer.  If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please send us your feedback as we continue to deliver a useful experience.


2. Information Received by Us

2.1 Information You Provide to Us.  During registration and thereafter, we give you the opportunity to provide and update information about yourself.  Information about you may include your current city, hometown, gender, birth date, profile picture, workplace, school and education, and contact information.  All such data will be accessible to persons on Essence of India.

2.2 Content. l.

2.3 Importing Contact. We offer tools to find your friends, colleagues and network on Essence of India.  You can also import contacts from your email accounts and invite your contacts who do not have Essence of India accounts to join.  We will not store the password you give us to retrieve information and import contacts from your email list.

2.4 Site Activity Information. We keep track of the actions you take on Essence of India. For instance, we may track the list of articles browsed by you so as to make your browsing experience more relevant.

2.5 Access Device and Browser Information. Every time you access Essence of India from a computer or other device, we may collect information from that device about your browser type, location and IP address, as well as the pages you visit.

2.6 Cookie Information. We use “cookies” (small pieces of data we store for an extended period of time on your computer or other device) to make Essence of India easier to use, and to protect both you and Essence of India.  For example, we use cookies to store your login ID (but not your password) to make it easier for you to login whenever you come back to Essence of India.  All such information shall be kept confidential by Essence of India and shall not be shared without your permission.  You can remove or block cookies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases that may impact your ability to use Essence of India.


3. Information Shared with Third Parties

3.1 Advertisements.  Essence of India may develop an advertising platform and permit advertisers to display their advertisement on Essence of India. Such advertisement may have a click enabled function which will take you to a webpage outside Essence of India, which is not owned and managed by Essence of India and over which Essence of India has no control. Essence of India shall not be responsible for the data that you may share or make available to such third parties and you are advised to observe proper care and diligence while sharing such data.  Essence of India does not share personally identifiable information with advertisers unless we get your permission.

3.2 Links. When you click on links by outside parties on Essence of India you may leave our site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites and we encourage you to read their privacy statements.


4. Use of Your Information

Keeping with our commitment to quality and a consistent user experience, here are some of the details on how we use the information we collect to provide a safe, efficient and customised experience.

4.1 To Manage the Service. We use the information we collect to provide our services and features to you, to measure and improve those services and features, and to provide you with customer support. We use a variety of technological tools to detect and prevent potential misuse of your profile page and your information, prevent circulation of spam, misleading advertisement and products and services, detect messages which are a possible hazard to our systems, and generally put a check on any illegal activities. Your support is equally valuable to us to help us achieve the above purposes. In the event we find, or are of the opinion that any or all of such activities are being carried out using your account, we may temporarily suspend your account and intimate the same to you.

4.2 To Contact You. We may contact you with service-related announcements from time to time to introduce and promote new developments, features, products and services of Essence of India.

4.3 To Serve Personalised Advertising to You. We do not share your information with advertisers without your consent. We may allow users and advertisers to choose appropriate characteristics that match advertisements to user preferences and needs.  We may also use any of the non-personally identifiable attributes we have collected to select the appropriate audience for advertisements. Even though we do not share your information with advertisers without your consent, when you click on or otherwise interact with an advertisement there is a possibility that the advertiser may place a cookie in your browser to improve engagement and to ascertain the criteria selected.

4.4 To Make Suggestions. We use your information, including the addresses that you import through our contact importers, to make suggestions to you and other users on Essence of India. For example, if another user imports the same email address as you do, we may suggest that you connect with each other. We may also suggest that you use certain tools and features based on what your connections have used.

4.5 Memorialising Accounts. If we are notified that a user is deceased, we may memorialise the user’s account. In such cases we restrict profile access to confirmed connections. We may close an account if we receive a formal request from the user’s next of kin or other proper legal request to do so.


5. Sharing of Your Information

5.1 When You Choose to Share Your Information with Marketers. You may choose to share information with marketers or electronic commerce providers that are not associated with Essence of India through on-site offers. This is entirely at your discretion and we will not provide your information to these marketers without your consent.

5.2 To Provide Search Engine Access to Publicly Available Information. We generally limit search engines’ access to our site. We may allow them to access information your profile information that is visible to all.

5.3 To Improve or Promote Our Service. Sometimes we share aggregated information with third parties to help improve or promote our service. But we only do so in such a way that no business or individual user can be identified or linked to any specific action or information.

5.4 To Provide Services. We may provide information to service providers that help us bring you the services we offer. For example, we may use third parties to help host our website, send out email updates about Essence of India, remove repetitive information from our user lists, or provide search results or links. These service providers may have access to your information, but when this occurs we implement contractual and technical protections to limit their use of that information.

5.5 To Advertise Our Services. We may ask advertisers outside of Essence of India to display ads promoting our services. We may ask them to deliver those ads based on the presence of a cookie, but in doing so will not share any other information with the advertiser.

5.6 To Respond to Legal Requests and Prevent Fraud. We may disclose information pursuant to subpoenas, court orders or other requests (including criminal and civil matters) if we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law. This may include respecting requests from jurisdictions outside of India where we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law under the local laws in that jurisdiction and is  consistent with generally accepted international standards. We may also share information when we have a good faith belief it is necessary to prevent fraud or other illegal activity, to prevent imminent bodily harm or to protect ourselves and your business. This may include sharing information with other businesses, advocates, courts or other government bodies.

5.7 In the Event of Sale or Change of Control. If the ownership of all or substantially all of our business changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner so that the service can continue to deliver the promised benefits. In such a case, your information would remain subject to the promises made in any pre-existing privacy policy.


6. Mobile and Children Related

6.1  Mobile Privacy. We may offer you the ability for you to connect with our sites, or use our applications, services, and tools using a mobile device, either through a mobile application or via a mobile optimized website. The provisions of this Privacy Policy apply to all such mobile access and use of mobile devices. This Privacy Policy will be referenced by all such mobile applications or mobile optimized websites.

6.2 Children's Privacy. The Essence of India website is a general audience website, and it and its related sites, applications, services, and tools are not intended for children under the age of 18.


7. Information Protection

7.1 Steps We Take to Keep Information Secure. We keep your account information on a secured server behind a firewall. When you enter sensitive information (such as a password), we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). We also use automated measures to enhance security, such as analysing account activity for fraudulent or anomalous behaviour, limiting use of site features in response to signs of abuse, removing inappropriate content or links to illegal content and suspending or disabling accounts for any security violations.

7.2 Risks Inherent in Sharing Information. Please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable. We cannot control the actions of other users. We cannot guarantee that only authorised persons will view your information. We cannot ensure that information you share on Essence of India will not become publicly available. We are not responsible for third party circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures on Essence of India. You can reduce these risks by using common sense security practices such as choosing a strong password, using different passwords for different services and using current antivirus software.

7.3 Report Violations. You should report any security violations to us immediately.


8. Consent

8.1 Changes.  Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your account. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy we will notify you by publication. If the changes are material, we will provide you an additional, prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances.

8.2 Consent. By using Essence of India, you irrevocably agree that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy. You additionally consent to having your business and personal data transferred to and processed in India.

8.3 Defined Terms. "Us", "we", "our", "Essence of India" mean the same. “Information” and “content” are used generally and interchangeably unless otherwise specified by the context.

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