About Us

Who are We

Team Essence of India

We are a team of over enthusiastic people who bring to you our new venture our life Essence of India. We aren't trained merchandisers, nor are we designers nor retailers. We just put in our best efforts to make you come closer to creative India. 

What We Do

We help ourselves discover India at its utmost through you, your demands, your needs, your satisfaction is what is Essence of India. Satisfaction through a weaved saree, an emroidered dupatta, handwoven carpet, we wish and strive to bring the best of India at your door step. 

What We Sell

Essence of India brings to you Finest Craftmenship, Magic of the Loom, Intensity of Colours and Conventinal Weaves. 

Team Mates

Mrs. Aparna Solanki ( key person behind Essence of India), Mr. Vikram Solanki ( Gives us his salary to get you the best at your doorstep), Dharmesh Joshi ( Our not so trained website designer and photographer), Darshan Shyamsunder, (Our critic and also our photographer), Aarti Joshi ( Looks after social media marketing/content).

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